"Remap Pano action" for Photoshop
This action should work with Adobe Photoshop from v. 6 with Panotools Plugin installed. Download


The base image is an equirectangular 360° x 180° panoramic photo.

The action-set use the remap-plugin and can make different projections:

"Little Planet"

use "pano2globe"

If the pano-image has no nadir you either have to accept a hole in the middle [place for a logo?] or you could try clipping away the black part and thenresize the image to a 1:2 resolution before running the action - and accept a squezed look at the center.


With the tunnel projection a missing nadir should be no problems, as long as the canvas is full 1:2 resolution with black at nadir.

"Tunnel View"

use "pano2tunnel"


use "pano2donut"

You're welcome to experiment with other projection og mix different projections. How do you think I did these two?

If you find something interessting you're welcome to add your own - and perhaps send me the updated action-set..